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Las Flores Asistencia

Founded 1823
by Father Antonio Peyri, OFM.
Camp Pendleton Marine Base

Personal Observations

I have not yet visited this asistencia because it is not open to the public, but I'm trying.
Photo-Art pending
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Las Flores was one of the two important asistencias to Mission San Luis Rey de Francia. It was on the coast between Mission San Luis Rey and Mission San Juan Capistrano and served as a lodging midway between the two Missions. Father Peyri founded this estancia in 1823 on what was then known as San Pedro Rancho. Priests traveled regularly to preach at the small chapel which served Chumella and Questmille, two native villages in a nearby valley. The estancia also served the agricultural needs of the mother Mission. On October 7, 1827, Father Peyri recorded that corn, wheat, and barley were raised and cattle were grazed at nearby Las Pulgas.

Las Flores consisted of a tile roofed adobe, a chapel, a hostel, stables and corrals. Within 35 years, it fell into disrepair and has not been preserved or restored. Only a few melting adobe bricks remain.

After secularization, the Las Flores property and Mission San Luis Rey property were assimilated into Rancho Santa Margarita y Las Flores. This new rancho was the largest in California comprising about 200 square miles. The rancho was given to Pio de Jesus Píco and his brother as one of Pio Píco's land deals.

After the end of the Mission era, a significant event occured on the site of the Las Flores adobe structure and adjacent corral. In April 1838, a battle occured between Juan Bautista Alvarado and Carlos Antonio Carrillo over who should be the provincial governor of Alta California. Following a fearce battle that consisted of a single canon shot, Alvarado continued as governor.

The rancho was sold to Píco's brother-in-law, Englishman Juan (John) Forster in1864. Forster developed the area and attempted to start Forster City which was not successful. Upon Forster's death, the rancho was taken over by James Flood who rented the rancho back to Richard O'Neill. O'Neill rented the Las Flores adobe to a family named Magee in 1888. The Magee famly stayed on the site until the last of the family died in 1968

The Marines took over the rancho and its properties for Camp Pendleton in 1942. O'Neill's son Jerome was managing the property at the time. The main house for the rancho became the quarters of the commander of Camp Pendleton.

Las Flores (San Pedro) Asistencia is San Diego County, Historic Site/Landmark 616

Address and Directions

I have not yet been to this asistencia on Camp Pendleton Marine Base and these directions are what I have been told. Should I ever visit, I will verify the directions. It is between Oceanside and San Clemente, on present day Camp Pendleton Marine Base

The basic location of the asistencia has been turned over to the Boy Scouts; what little is left sits on a hill at the back of the Boy Scout area. Take the Las Pulgas Road exit from I5 and enter Camp Pendleton through the Las Pulgas gate (no guarantee--security may not allow civilian entry to the base). Proceed to the first intersection; turn right and just ahead at the bottom of the hill is the Boy Scount camp on the right (a total of about 0.6 miles from the gate). Turn right into the camp and drive (slowly!) through the area and straight across a small (usually dry) stream. Ahead of you at the top of the hill stands the fenced-in remains of the assistencia along with the California landmark sign.

LOCATION: Camp Pendleton Marine Base
Plaque located on hill 1000 ft. west of Orange Co. Boy Scouts Adobe,
0.6 miles SE of Las Pulgas gate, 0.9 SW of I-5 at Las Pulgas Rd.,
10 miles south of San Clemente, CA in San Diego County.

Photography Gallery

I have no current plan to visit this Asistencia, but hope to some day and add the photos.
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