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Select photographs of my many visits to The Missions of the United States South and Southwest built by Spain and Mexico between 1565 and 1823.
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San Antonio de Valero Mission (The Alamo)

Founded 1718
San Antonio

Personal Observations

More is known by the general public of the Alamo part of the history of San Antonio de Valero Mission than of the Mission history. When I visited during my Texas Mision quest, I was disappointed that almost all information and exhibits contained within the old church were of the Siege of the Alamo. When I asked a docent what structures still standing were from the original Mission, she told me, "Oh, it was never a Mission. They never finished the roof." A mission is the people and holy objects, not the building. It was the first Mission in San Antonio.
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> Mission San Antonio de Valero was established in 1718, the first of the San Antonio Missions. Later, after it was secularized, it gained fame as the Alamo, important in Texan independence.

Cenvento and Long Barrack

What is today the Long Barrack is the oldest building in San Antonio and began as the Convento, or prists' residence. It was built in 1724 as part of the Mission. After secularizing, the building was used as Spanish army barrack and hospital, later is was a fortesss, a United States Army quartermaster depot, a general store, and in 1905 became a shrine and museum. The Church and Long Barrack are the only remaining structures from the Mission and the Alamo.

The Alamo

the Siege of the Alamo 1836

When used as a fort by the Mexicans during the Siege of Béxar, a palisade (double log wall) was built across an open space betwen the old church and the Low Barrack. When the Texans took posession of the fort, they strengthened the fort. General San Houston wrote ..."that the Alimo was not built by a military people as a fortress..." lacking a structure with a commanding view. During the Siege of the Alamo, Colonel Crockett and his men were assigned to defend this section of wall. The Church and Long Barrack are the only remaining structures from the Alamo.

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Alamo as seen from Tower of the Americas.


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